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What if my child's other parent ignores our joint legal custody?

Sharing legal custody of a child between two parents is often a complicated and difficult experience. In many instances, one parent may use this situation to punish the other parent for personal conflicts, or simply choose to be unreasonable when it comes to compromising on child rearing issues where both parents do not agree.

Why shouldn't I file false allegations to help my custody case?

If you are in the middle of a divorce, there is a very strong likelihood that you'll consider things you wouldn't otherwise do. When it comes to custody disputes, many parents allow the emotional burden of possibly losing some of their relationship and input with their children to move their ethical boundaries. If you are considering make false or exaggerated allegations of misconduct against your spouse for leverage, you should seriously reconsider and consult with an experienced attorney.

What if my child is too ill to alternate custody?

The reality of sharing custody or visitation privileges with a child's other parent is often very different from how you think it will be when you are negotiating a parenting plan. Often, life just gets in the way, and it is difficult to understand the right way to raise your child and also honor the other parent's rights and the agreement you made together. One common difficulty occurs when a child is feeling ill when it comes time to alternate custody with the other parent.

Texas considers co-parenting bill

If you are getting divorced, your spouse may be fighting to get full custody of your children. Many parents experience this heartbreaking conflict, and more often than not they are fathers who wish to share custody of children. While some parents want to control as much of the children's lives as possible, or use access to the children as leverage over their former spouse, this is almost never in the best interests of the child themselves.

Specifics of Texas custody agreements

Texas, like all states, maintains its own standards for how its courts determine a child's best interests in a custody negotiation. If you are approaching a custody negotiation, or if you are already engaged in one, understanding how Texas undertakes this process can help you form a parenting plan with your spouse that truly keeps the child at the center of the matter.

Woman fighting federal government for custody of delinquent child

A Texas mother is at the center of strange fight with the federal government regarding her right to retain custody of her teenage son who has repeatedly run away from home. The child in question was detained near the Texas/Mexico border some time ago, and continues to be held in detention despite authorities admitting that he is not in need of deportation, nor has he been sentenced to any jail time.

Navigating difficult custody issues as a grandparent

In child custody issues, as in many things, there's the way things are supposed to work, and then there's the way that the real world complicates that. For many families, the issue is not as simple as who does or does not have custody. Whether it is out of a lack of education in the available legal options, or a desire to not split up the family unit, secondary family members are often stuck in the unenviable position of caring for children who are not their own, while not receiving fair assistance.

Divorce And The Stay-At-Home Dad

A more challenging employment market and an evolving family dynamic have undoubtedly played a part in the steady increase of fathers who stay at home as full-time parents. In the year 2015, the U.S. Census Bureau recorded at least 250,000 men who carried this title. For stay-at-home dads who are facing divorce, this scenario can create a complex situation.

Family fighting to regain custody of 11 children

Being a parent is both an immense privilege and a great responsibility, one that can sometimes become complicated. Many parents make lifestyle choices that seem concerning to those observing their children, or to those who disagree with certain lifestyle choices. One Texas family is currently fighting to regain custody of their 11 children after authorities removed the children from their home due to complaints filed by neighbors.