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Prenuptial Agreements Archives

Can a postnuptial agreement strengthen my marriage?

Prenuptial agreements are thankfully gaining popularity and shedding many years of unfair stigma, shedding light on their less common cousin, the postnuptial agreement, in the process. A postnuptial agreement offers some of the same protections that a prenuptial agreement does, but operates a bit differently.

Is our prenuptial agreement valid?

Creating a prenuptial agreement is an excellent way for you and your partner to understand each other's financial lives and practice working together in a possibly uncomfortable environment. Truly, the benefits of creating a prenuptial agreement with your spouse cannot be overstated — unless the agreement is ultimately unenforceable. Unfortunately, many prenuptial agreements crumble when they are called upon because of some error in creation.

How can a prenuptial agreement protect me from my partner's debt?

Many couples choose not to create a prenuptial agreement because they feel as though, somehow, doing so weakens their marriage before it even begins. This is simply not true! In fact, creating a prenuptial agreement can offer you and your partner vital protections even if you never get divorced.

How can I protect my business in my marriage?

If you are a business owner approaching marriage, then you should certainly consider the protection that a well- crafted prenuptial agreement can provide both you and your spouse-to-be. Businesses (as well as business debts) can be considered marital property that must be divided upon divorce, which could be a death sentence for your business. If you have to divide up your business in a divorce, you may leave your employees and customers hanging out to dry because of your personal relationship difficulties — and no one wants that.

Rushed marriage for citizenship? Consider a prenup

Citizenship and residency in the United States have become hot-button issues in recent months, as many immigrants and legal residents of the country are facing the very real possibility of deportation. As a response, many citizens in relationships with non-citizens have suddenly felt a strong motivation to accelerate their plans and marry each other sooner than later to combat the threat of losing the one they love. Of course, hastily marriages are especially susceptible to many of the issues that tear couples apart. If you are considering marrying a non-citizen, you should seriously look into a prenuptial agreement to ensure that you both remain protected if the marriage does not last.

Can a prenuptial agreement protect an engagement ring?

Prenuptial agreements are often considered to affect only issues inside a marriage, but for many individuals, the risks begin well before wedding vows are given. If you have spent a significant amount of money on an engagement ring, you may want to make sure that you can reclaim the ring if the wedding never occurs. Every year, thousands of couples throughout the country choose to end engagements without marrying, often creating tensions about rings that may have cost thousands of dollars.

What are infidelity clauses in prenuptial agreements?

There are a number of reasons to consider a prenuptial agreement, whether it is protect a business from being dependent on the success of your relationship, or to shield a spouse from your personal or professional debt. In most areas, a prenuptial agreement deals strictly with practical matters, often relieving a marriage of many of the tensions that can tear it apart.

Can I modify a prenuptial agreement?

For couples living in Texas, it is even more vital to consider a prenuptial agreement than for couples living in other states. The Lone Star State's long-standing community property laws can split assets in surprisingly unfair ways that neither spouse is pleased with if a divorce comes down the line. But what if you've already made a prenuptial agreement and circumstances change such that it needs to be changed? Can you change your prenuptial agreement?

Is a prenuptial agreement right for me?

As strange as it may be to think in these terms, a marriage is just as much a business relationship as it is a personal relationship in the eyes of the law. Because of the very real effects that marriage has on your personal property (especially in Texas, where we use community property division methods), a prenuptial agreement is often a vital piece of protection for those entering into a marriage. If you are considering creating a prenuptial agreement, it is worth weighing the disadvantages against the advantages.

Every marriage can benefit from a prenuptial agreement

In Texas, establishing a prenuptial agreement is a wise move for every couple, regardless of station or circumstances. The conventional ideas that a prenup is only for the rich and famous, or only building a backdoor into your relationship are thankfully falling away, as more and more couples are recognizing that protecting yourself and your partner can be a strengthening measure to your relationship, rather than a weakening measure.

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