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Red Sox's Lackey files for divorce in Texas

Professional baseball pitcher John Lackey has allegedly filed for divorce from his wife of three years.

According to published reports, the Red Sox player filed the divorce petition in his home state of Texas, using only the couple's initials in the filing. The complaint reportedly said the marriage had become "insupportable" and blamed marital discord and personality conflicts.

The use of initials to file a divorce petition has become seemingly common among celebrities who have filed for divorces in Texas. Initials, rather than full names, were allegedly used in papers filed for the dissolution of the marriages of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker as well as Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

Neither John Lackey nor his wife has made direct comments about the report of a pending divorce, although the pitcher did lash out at members of the media at a regular post-game news conference. Lackey charged an unidentified reporter with going "over the line" by "talking about personal stuff" in a text he received just before game time.

Lackey and his wife were married in late 2008 and have no children. They own a Boston townhouse, which cost them just over $2 million. Two years ago, Lackey claims that his wife, a New England native, was part of the reason he wanted to take a pitching job with the Red Sox.

The management of the Boston Red Sox baseball team has released a statement asking the press to grant the couple privacy as they move through their divorce proceedings. The ball club said Lackey's "deeply personal family issue" was not a subject for public interference.

Source: boston.com, "Lackey and wife getting divorced; Red Sox request 'privacy'," Sept. 26, 2011

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