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February 2012 Archives

There are many advantages of preparing a prenuptial agreement

Now that Valentine's Day is over, many newly engaged couples will be flocking to stores to set up their wedding registries. Planning for a wedding can become overwhelming and many couples don't think about creating a prenuptial agreement despite almost half of marriages ending in divorce.

Katy Perry reaches divorce settlement despite no prenup

Many Austin residents may have heard that Katy Perry and Russell Brand have finalized their divorce by reaching a comprehensive divorce settlement on all issues. The couple agreed that the settlement was uncontested and waived their right to go to trial. The couple announced their separation on Dec. 30 and now will wait the required six-month waiting period to officially end their 14-month marriage.

Basketball star transfers three homes in divorce

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant have agreed to the property division in their divorce case, which this blog has previously reported on for Texas readers. The longtime professional basketball star has transferred ownership of three upscale homes -- with a total estimated value of $18.8 million, according to reports -- to his wife of 10 years.