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May 2012 Archives

Supermodel takes ex to court over support

A Texas-sized child support battle is playing out in a family law courtroom in another state, pitting a supermodel against a billionaire. While many people will find it hard to relate to the large sum of money at stake, it's the same basic concept as other child support battles. The judge will need to decide what is best for the child.

Football player's divorce grows nastier

When parents divorce, they often lose sight that children should be the focus of their attention. In this case, the testy divorce of Dallas Cowboys legend Deion Sanders has taken another twist, with both Sanders and his estranged wife facing assault charges. The alleged attack happened in front of the couple's children.

Texas woman seeks child support raise from NFL player

A Texas family law court will need to decide whether a Houston woman should receive an increase in child support from a professional football player who fathered her two children. This case might prove more complex than many support cases, however. The player with whom she is linked has 10 children with eight different women, plus two more on the way.