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April 2013 Archives

When a prenup WON'T work

A prenuptial agreement is often seen as an indestructible, important tool to use heading into a marriage - and with good reason. A prenuptial agreement anticipates the event of a divorce and instructs spouses on how assets are to be distributed. Often, and perhaps stereotypically, prenuptial agreements are used by spouses with significant assets to ensure that their spouse-to-be is not looking to get married, only to divorce and hijack half of the wealth.

Divorce? There could be an app for that

Today's technology is generally designed with one focus: to make our lives easier. Many Texans pay their bills, shop, look up movie times and surf the Internet all on their smartphones. Will there ever be a time where technology becomes so advanced, that spouses can settle a divorce from the comfort of their own home? Perhaps not, but one tech developer is working on a Web application that aims to make divorce easier and convenient.

Oil tycoon could lose billions in divorce

High-profile divorces involving the rich and famous might not seem like they have a lot to teach normal Texas husbands and wives about divorce. However, many of the issues that crop up in these highly-publicized splits can show up in traditional divorces, albeit, on a smaller scale.