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May 2013 Archives

San Antonio Spurs star believed to be divorcing

A divorce case filing is said to involve San Antonio, Texas Spurs basketball team member Tim Duncan and his wife, whom he wed in 2001. The court papers available to the public appear to have only the initials of the parties involved, indicating a desire for privacy for the proceedings.

Lesbian mom risks losing kids unless she ousts lover

A lesbian couple in McKinney, Texas, has been together for approximately three years. A county judge is now threatening one of them with the loss of custody of her children unless her lover moves out. Under current Texas family law, same sex couples are not allowed to marry. The judge is enforcing a "morality" clause that was placed in the mother's divorce decree from her former husband.

Some things to consider when getting a divorce

While the divorce rate is around 33 percent lower than it was at its height in 1981, there still is a very good possibility of a marriage ending in divorce. One statistical analysis reveals that a majority, 53 percent, of all married smokers wind up getting divorced, although what tobacco and smoking has to do with it no one seems able to say. Subsequent marriages also seem to have a heightened possibility of ending in divorce, with a full 73 percent of all third marriages culminating in divorce court.

No prenup for Jennifer Aniston and her groom?

In what is viewed as an unusual move for a celebrity marriage, evidently celebrity Jennifer Aniston and her husband to be, Justin Theroux, are planning to soon walk down the aisle without the benefit of having a prenuptial agreement. Anniston reportedly has assets that may be as large as $150 million, which would lead many soon-to-be spouses seeking to have such an agreement in place just in case wedded bliss later turns into acrimony and divorce. Celebrity marriages, in particular, are well known for frequently falling asunder.


Details of Simpson split released

When celebrities or well-known personalities split up, many men, women and media members around the country are desperate to get a glimpse of how their vast fortune was divided up. While a celebrity’s wealth may not be comparable to that of a normal Texas resident, these instances still show the property division phase of divorce in action.