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September 2013 Archives

Divorced parents need to work together for children's benefit

You divorce your spouse, but you don't divorce your children. Children whose family has gone through a divorce need the security and comfort of feeling certain that both parents are still there for them and still love them. Children who have a high degree of involvement in their lives by both parents following a divorce are more likely to have a lower incidence of behavior problems, as well as staying in school and achieving better grades, according to a number of studies. One development in family law that responds to this reality is the program that offers shared parenting services that was put together by the Texas Attorney General's Office.

No divorces for Texas same sex married couples?

While Texas does not recognize same-sex marriages, there are a number of Texas residents who were legally married in another state or country that does allow it. Once they do that, under recent rulings, the IRS regards them as married for federal tax purposes even if they move back to Texas. But what if the relationship breaks up? A problem for some such couples is that Texas currently also does not allow them to get a divorce in the state.

The impact of relationships on finances

Most people realize that getting married or divorced can have an impact on their finances and property rights. But a lesser known area of family law is that other types of relationships, such as cohabiting, can also have an impact. In Texas, and a small number of other states, common law marriages are recognized and cohabiting together for a period of time may result in being regarded as legally married.

Prenuptial agreement may protect Google co-founder

A high-power technology couple, Sergey Brin, the co-founder of leading search engine Google, and his wife Anne Wojcicki, a prominent entrepreneur in the biotech industry, have reportedly split up. Apparently, they have lived separate and apart for a several months now. Whether a divorce is impending is not yet clear, but the various assets each of them has could be protected under the terms of a prenuptial agreement they both signed before marrying in 2007.