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October 2013 Archives

Cocaine allegedly planted to influence child custody

A 58-year-old grandmother from Texas has been accused of trying to plant cocaine and other drugs in an effort to influence a child custody battle over her granddaughter. She was arrested and charged with child abuse. Police asserted that she gave her 9-year-old elementary school student the drugs, instructing her to place them in a pickup truck owned by her father, the grandmother's son. Had the drugs successfully been pinned on the father, he might have faced serious criminal charges and been declared an unfit parent.

Matriarch of Kardashian clan reportedly lacks prenup

People in Texas thinking of getting married need to examine whether they should have a prenuptial agreement. A recent news story serves as a cautionary tale. Kris Jenner, known as the matriarch of the celebrity Kardashian clan, and her husband Bruce are reported to not have a prenuptial agreement. The story of the impending end of their marriage may well set the stage for a long drawn out court battle over their fortune, estimated as totaling over $125 million.

Wait for child support cases in El Paso to shorten

A huge backlog of child support cases in the courthouse in El Paso, Texas, has left some parents waiting as long as four months to get in front of a judge. One of the problems there in processing these important family law cases has been the fact that only one judge was assigned to hear them. This resulted in long waits, including waiting in a long line on the day they were to see the judge.

Texas banker involved in stormy child custody battle

A Texas banker is involved in a stormy child custody battle with his ex-wife in a New York court over the custody of the couple's two minor children. One of the latest developments is that a judge in the case is allowing the ex-wife to be questioned by the husband's attorney in court regarding the facts surrounding an abortion that she had after they broke up.

Both negotiation and litigation can play a role in divorce

People in Texas who have gone through a divorce can tell you from their own experience that both negotiation and litigation can play a role in resolving differences and disagreements. It is foolish to immediately take the posture that you are going to fight each and every thing out in court. Doing so can be stressful, time consuming and expensive.