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February 2014 Archives

Draft a prenup before walking down the aisle in Austin, Texas

When people are in love, they rarely think of drafting a prenuptial agreement. There is this sense that it is like saying that your love might not be real, that it might not last. Asking your prospective spouse if he or she wants to sign a prenup may get you an angry glare or worse. After all, this is hardly a romantic gesture at what is supposed to be the happiest time in your life.

High profile Lubbock Texas divorce jury trial declared mistrial

A Lubbock, Texas, couple seeking to end their marriage requested a jury trial. Although somewhat unusual, Texas state law does allow for a jury trial in divorce cases upon request. The case, which was high profile because the husband's father is a city attorney, and was previously accused by the wife of sexually molesting her at the couples' home, has ended, for now, in a mistrial declared by the judge.

Texas woman wants to divorce ex-football star after 2 weeks

Around two weeks ago, football fans shared the happy news that former National Football League star player Terrell Owens, who previously had experienced substantial financial difficulty, had gotten married for the first time to a former postal worker from Texas. But shortly thereafter, they were shocked to learn that the 33-year-old woman had already decided that she had enough and wanted out. She's seeking a divorce. The wedding had been a secret ceremony, known only after the fact.

Prenuptial agreements require some planning

Opinions regarding prenuptial agreements are likely to vary wildly among Texas residents that are about to be married. Some people might think that the very idea of suggesting a prenup to a future spouse could ruin the romance of a relationship. Others might refuse to get married without one. Also, some Texas residents may have misconceptions about what prenuptial agreements actually do. Whether you think you need one or not, it's best to fully investigate how a prenup could be beneficial so that you're not left wishing you had one if the marriage comes to an end.

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