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May 2014 Archives

Texas child support system undergoing pricey overhaul

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is in the running to succeed Gov. Perry when his term is over, is working to overhaul our state's child support system. Last year, Texas collected $3.6 billion in child support payments -- more than any other state. Abbott boasted that under his tenure, which began in 2003, Texas has developed the "most efficient and effective child support system in the country."

Difficult problem of canine custody goes to state's high court

A couple of months ago, we discussed how an estranged couple's pets can become a source of dispute and even be used as a bargaining chip as they hash out their divorce. One couple's dispute over their 11-year-old dog went all the way to the Vermont Supreme Court.

Important tips for helping your children through your divorce

Divorce is a painful experience for a family. However, it's easy for couples to get caught up in their own pain, anger and other emotions without realizing what their children are experiencing. The divorce of their parents is a defining time for children. For too many, it impacts their own relationships in adulthood.

Texas group Fatherhood Matters offering free paternity testing

No one questions the importance of caring, supportive parents in a child's life. Too many children, however, don't have a father in their lives because their biological father doesn't even know he has a child. A San Antonio organization called Fatherhood Matter Inc. is hoping to help change that.