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June 2014 Archives

Developer in high-profile Texas divorce sues wife's alleged lover

Texas has its share of bitter, high-profile, high-asset divorces. One is currently playing out in Dallas. It involves a real estate developer, his wife and their plastic surgeon. That plastic surgeon, according to the husband, had an affair with his wife and sold a 23-plus-carat diamond he had purchased as an investment to help promote a book co-authored by -- wait for it -- the wife.

Prenuptial agreements increasingly include social media clauses

Recently we have discussed the role of social media in marriage and divorce. Significant time spent on social media by married people, as we noted, has been shown to correlate to divorce rates. Further, during divorce, social media can cause trouble if one partner posts items that can be used against him or her. Social media has become such an integral part of most of our lives that couples are increasingly including social media clauses in prenuptial agreements.

Use technology and social media cautiously during your divorce

Recently, we discussed a study showing that excessive Facebook use could be a predictor of impending divorce because it can indicate that at least one person is the relationship is seeking companionship and conversation -- at least virtually -- outside the marriage. However, technology and social media can continue to spell trouble even after the couple has gone their separate ways.

Study: Heavy Facebook use could be a predictor of Texas divorces

It's unlikely that viewing photos of your college roommate's kids or catching up with a former colleague on Facebook will destroy your marriage. However, devoting hours to social networking sites could be a sign that you aren't getting the attention and support you need from your spouse.