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What is the process for adopting your stepchildren in Texas?

Many people in Texas who marry a person who already has children want to adopt those children at some point. This can be particularly beneficial for the children's sense of a security if their biological father has little or no role in their lives. If the stepparent has taken on the role of mother or father, adoption can further solidify the family.

How is child conservatorship determined in Texas?

The legal term "conservatorship" is used in Texas to describe the responsibilities and rights of a parent involving a child. The adult given these rights and responsibilities is called the "conservator." Many people, however, refer to "child custody" when discussing responsibility for a child, such as in divorce cases. Texas has two types of child conservatorship: joint managing conservatorship and sole managing conservatorship.

Prenuptial agreements are about more than dividing assets

Many Texans think of prenuptial agreements as documents that only wealthy oil magnates, football stars and country singers draw up to protect their significant assets in the event of divorce -- particularly if they marry someone with far less money than they have. However, prenups are about far more than assets.

Why it's important for Texas men to establish paternity

Under Texas law, a child's biological father is not necessarily his or her legal father. When an unmarried couple has a child, the man is not considered the legal father unless the couple completes an Acknowledgement of Paternity.

Same-sex Texas couples fight for the right to divorce

How would you feel if you and your spouse wanted to end your marriage, but you couldn't because the state doesn't recognize that you are married? That's the problem facing some couples who were married in states where same-sex marriage is legal and then moved to states like Texas where it is not.

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