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December 2014 Archives

Why the post-Christmas spike in Google searches for 'divorce?'

Google searches say a lot about the things that people around the world are interested in as well as their moods, according to researchers who study trends in the most-commonly-searched words and phrases throughout the year. The ups and downs of searches for "divorce" around the holiday season can be telling.

Money discussions are essential prior to a prenuptial agreement

There are a number of reasons why Texans make the mistake of not getting a prenuptial agreement. Some consider it akin to planning for failure. Many don't think that they have enough money or other assets to need one. Others don't feel comfortable having the serious discussion of finances that drafting a prenuptial agreement entails.

Can same-sex couples who move to Texas get driver's licenses?

As we've noted in previous posts, there have been legal challenges to Texas' ban on same-sex marriage, but so far to no avail. After the first of the year, an appeals court will hear a case that contends that our state's ban on these marriages in unconstitutional.

Do child support programs reflect an outdated view of paternity?

The child support system in our country dates back to the 1970s. However, experts contend, it does not reflect today's families or economy. Most of the couples were divorced and had child custody agreements with designated parental responsibilities. Often, just as when they were married, divorced fathers were the wage-earners and the mothers were the caretakers.