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March 2015 Archives

Minimizing your Texas toddler's stress during your divorce

Most Texas parents who divorce worry about the impact on their children. Because school-age children and teens may be likely to express their feelings clearly on the matter, parents may be more focused on them than on younger children.

What do you do with a mortgaged home when you divorce?

When Texas couples divorce, the largest item they are likely to have to deal with is their home. For most of us, that means a residence on which we have a substantial mortgage. One mortgage planner advises divorcing couples who have a home to "[s]ell it, pay off the mortgage and move on."

How to protect your credit rating after your divorce

You and your spouse have finalized your divorce agreement and gone your separate ways. However, he or she may still impact your life, and not for the better, through your credit rating. Sometimes an ex is simply irresponsible with money. In other cases, he or she may deliberately harm you financially.