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August 2015 Archives

Same-sex Texas divorce sparks discussion of other issues

One Texas couple has been waiting almost two years to divorce. Why did it take so long? The reason is that they are both women, and their 2010 New Hampshire marriage was not recognized in Texas until recently. Now, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in June that made same-sex marriage legal throughout the country, they were finally able to obtain a divorce.

How to make sure child support is really paid

It's one thing to get a child support order that tells your ex to send money to you every month; it's entirely another thing to make sure it actually happens. Some people skip payments on purpose, not wanting to pay at all, while others just have lapses when they forget or run into tough financial times. What can you do to make sure you actually get paid on time so that you can stick to your budget?

Tips for starting a new school year as a divorced parent

Back-to-school time can be a challenge for any parent. However, for divorced parents, there are additional issues to address. This is particularly true if this is your child's first school year since the break-up or if a child is going to a new school. Huffington Post asked divorced parents to share some of their tips for making the start of a new school year easier on everyone.

Can your Texas divorce records be sealed to protect your privacy?

Most Texans would likely prefer that court documents related to their divorce not be made public. They may contain very personal information that they'd prefer that no one see. Country music stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton seem to have lucked out, at least for the time being, in seeking to keep the details of their divorce out of the public eye. An Oklahoma judge has ordered that the couple's divorce records be sealed. The judge, who is on the verge of retirement, has faced considerable criticism for issuing the protective order.