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November 2015 Archives

Case begins determining what Texas needs to pay in child support

A man in Texas was wrongfully arrested on the grounds of sexual assault, and he was sent to prison. He stayed there for 25 years, getting out in the mid-1990s. Another man had committed the crimes, but this wasn't discovered until DNA evidence was used to clear his name.

Seek help in non-divorce child custody cases

Child custody cases are often thrown into the same pot as divorce; however, not all child custody matters have to do with a divorce. When parents aren't married when the child is born, child custody matters can still occur. While these child custody cases are largely the same as those that occur because of a divorce, there are a few difference.

Deion Sanders and ex-wife still battling in court

Divorcing couples' battles often don't end with the signing of divorce papers -- particularly when they have children. Former Dallas Cowboy and current analyst for the NFL Network Deion Sanders is still battling with his former wife Pilar two years after the couple divorced.