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January 2016 Archives

Tips for helping divorced parents manage their kids' media access

One of the biggest challenges of parenting today is managing kids' media time and content. When most of us were growing up, that usually meant how many hours of TV we were allowed to watch. Now it involves computer time, video games, iPads, social media access and more. It's hard enough to do this in one household, but when a couple has split up, managing media access in two households is a bigger challenge.

Don't let your divorce jeopardize your job

Going through a divorce is one of the biggest life events that most people ever experience and sometimes one of the most devastating. Even if you and your spouse are able to work out a settlement amicably, divorce is still an emotional roller coaster. If you have children, you're also dealing with their feelings and juggling being a single parent for the first time.

Dealing with the grief of divorce while parenting

Going through a divorce or any break-up as a parent presents some unique challenges. This is particularly if you're the parent your kids are living with most of the time. You can't just sit down with a pint of ice cream or take to your bed whenever the grief gets too intense. You have to be aware that your children are watching you and likely taking cues from you regarding how they should feel. If the break-up involved their other parent, they're dealing with their own grief.