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Why is it important to officially establish paternity?

One of the first questions people have about paternity testing is usually fairly simple: What makes it important? What are the main reasons to get the test done, outside of just giving yourself the peace of mind of knowing for sure who the child's father is? There are a few important reasons to consider, including the following:

A sunset clause can test a marriage

Many couples who use sunset clauses in their prenuptial agreements do it because they essentially want to test the marriage out. If it doesn't work and that becomes quickly apparent, they both want to get out of the marriage with all of their assets intact and with as little trouble as possible.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Child Custody In Texas

One of the most stressful aspects of going through a child custody case is the complexity of the laws involved. People are often surprised by Texas law, much of which is different than other states. Even the terminology is different. Here are 5 things that people are frequently unaware of when it comes to Texas child custody:

Important facts about a denial of paternity

If you've been accused of being a child's father and you believe you are not the father, you can sign a Denial of Paternity. This is something you may want to do, for example, so that you don't end up paying child support for someone else's child. Below are a few key things you should know about these forms: