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September 2016 Archives

Family fighting to regain custody of 11 children

Being a parent is both an immense privilege and a great responsibility, one that can sometimes become complicated. Many parents make lifestyle choices that seem concerning to those observing their children, or to those who disagree with certain lifestyle choices. One Texas family is currently fighting to regain custody of their 11 children after authorities removed the children from their home due to complaints filed by neighbors.

Protecting a business with a prenuptial agreement

If not handled appropriately, divorce can tear apart the lives of spouses, instead of allowing them to respectfully go their separate ways. As awful as that is, if one or both spouses are business owners, their divorce may cease to be merely the dissolution of their marriage — it can also mean that their business is subject to division like so many other things that are considered marital assets in Texas.

Infidelity isn't the top reason for divorce

Perhaps in part because of the way that relationship breakdowns are portrayed in books and movies, people often assume that most divorces happen because one spouse cheated on the other. However, though this does happen, it's not the top reason. A panel of experts determined that the actual top reason for a divorce was that couples have communication problems.