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October 2016 Archives

Navigating difficult custody issues as a grandparent

In child custody issues, as in many things, there's the way things are supposed to work, and then there's the way that the real world complicates that. For many families, the issue is not as simple as who does or does not have custody. Whether it is out of a lack of education in the available legal options, or a desire to not split up the family unit, secondary family members are often stuck in the unenviable position of caring for children who are not their own, while not receiving fair assistance.

Annulment under Texas law

There are many ways that a marriage can fail, but under certain circumstances, it is possible to have a marriage annulled in the state of Texas. Regardless of why you might want to have a marriage invalidated, the law allows for this to be accomplished if certain standards are met.

Divorce And The Stay-At-Home Dad

A more challenging employment market and an evolving family dynamic have undoubtedly played a part in the steady increase of fathers who stay at home as full-time parents. In the year 2015, the U.S. Census Bureau recorded at least 250,000 men who carried this title. For stay-at-home dads who are facing divorce, this scenario can create a complex situation.

A good prenuptial agreement strengthens a marriage

Entering into a marriage is such a beautiful and exciting experience, and one that comes with many potential sources of conflict that can be anticipated and avoided. Often, in the glow of an impending wedding, the idea of creating a prenuptial agreement seems anathema to the very idea of marriage. Isn't the whole idea about two becoming one, for better or worse, etc? The truth is, a prenuptial isn't just about pre-planning an eventual divorce. A wisely crafted prenuptial agreement can actually make a marriage stronger by removing many sources of conflict before they even have an opportunity to materialize.

Texas expands remedies for collecting owed child support

One provision of a custody agreement that constantly seems to cause conflict is the child support obligation levied against a non-custodial parent. Despite the significant number of tools at the disposal of the custodial parent through the legal system, many parents who have a child support obligation choose to not pay what they owe. Whether this is because they feel that the sum they are charged with supplying is an unjust burden, or simply because they feel that they cannot afford to pay what they owe, they are placing themselves in a dangerous position.