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What might invalidate a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements are a fantastic tool couples might use to remove many areas of strain from their relationship protect each other from liabilities each party may be bringing into the marriage. That is to say, it is greatly useful when created fairly and properly — but there are a number of ways that a prenuptial agreement may be invalidated if care is not taken in the preparation.

Do 50% Of Marriages Really End In Divorce?

Getting engaged and then ultimately married is an exciting time of life. A new shared life with the person of your dreams and endless possibilities. Amid the excitement, have you had the experience of that one well-intentioned friend, family member, or co-worker reminding you that 50% of all marriages end in divorce? You might be surprised and relieved to learn that divorce is actually at an all-time low in the U.S.

Specifics of Texas custody agreements

Texas, like all states, maintains its own standards for how its courts determine a child's best interests in a custody negotiation. If you are approaching a custody negotiation, or if you are already engaged in one, understanding how Texas undertakes this process can help you form a parenting plan with your spouse that truly keeps the child at the center of the matter.

Woman fighting federal government for custody of delinquent child

A Texas mother is at the center of strange fight with the federal government regarding her right to retain custody of her teenage son who has repeatedly run away from home. The child in question was detained near the Texas/Mexico border some time ago, and continues to be held in detention despite authorities admitting that he is not in need of deportation, nor has he been sentenced to any jail time.

The new prenuptial agreements are for everyone

The prenuptial agreement as an institution has received a bit of a shot to the arm in recent years, as public opinion on its use is beginning to shift with a new generation of young people taking marriage and shaping it to fit their own ideas. In general, data shows that while divorces are down because fewer people are marrying overall or waiting longer to get married, the use of the prenuptial agreement is seeing a renaissance.

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