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December 2016 Archives

Every marriage can benefit from a prenuptial agreement

In Texas, establishing a prenuptial agreement is a wise move for every couple, regardless of station or circumstances. The conventional ideas that a prenup is only for the rich and famous, or only building a backdoor into your relationship are thankfully falling away, as more and more couples are recognizing that protecting yourself and your partner can be a strengthening measure to your relationship, rather than a weakening measure.

Woman arrested for abusing disabled children

Whenever a family chooses to adopt, it is hopeful that the child has been offered a chance to be a part of a loving home and freedom from the many dangers that populate the foster care system. Unfortunately, adoption is not always a dream come true for the children who receive it. A Texas woman who adopted seven children with disabilities over several years has been taken into custody and the children have been removed form her care, after welfare workers found the children living in unsafe conditions.

Sperm donor wins parental rights

As technological advances bring along new opportunities, they also bring with them personal and legal complexities that our ancestors could likely have never imagined. Texas recently spoke to such an issue when it handed down a ruling regarding whether a man who donated sperm to a woman he knew for childbearing purposes could be legally considered the father of the child and seek parental rights.