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What are protective orders?

Sometimes, when a person makes some dangerous choices and becomes a threat to his or her family or loved ones, it is necessary to use the strength of the law to protect vulnerable individuals. Often, this means one partner in a relationship must be kept away from the other partner, and possibly children who are a part of the relationship. To accomplish this protection, Texas offers a number of different protective orders to those in need.

What if my child is too ill to alternate custody?

The reality of sharing custody or visitation privileges with a child's other parent is often very different from how you think it will be when you are negotiating a parenting plan. Often, life just gets in the way, and it is difficult to understand the right way to raise your child and also honor the other parent's rights and the agreement you made together. One common difficulty occurs when a child is feeling ill when it comes time to alternate custody with the other parent.

How can I protect my business in my marriage?

If you are a business owner approaching marriage, then you should certainly consider the protection that a well- crafted prenuptial agreement can provide both you and your spouse-to-be. Businesses (as well as business debts) can be considered marital property that must be divided upon divorce, which could be a death sentence for your business. If you have to divide up your business in a divorce, you may leave your employees and customers hanging out to dry because of your personal relationship difficulties — and no one wants that.

Rushed marriage for citizenship? Consider a prenup

Citizenship and residency in the United States have become hot-button issues in recent months, as many immigrants and legal residents of the country are facing the very real possibility of deportation. As a response, many citizens in relationships with non-citizens have suddenly felt a strong motivation to accelerate their plans and marry each other sooner than later to combat the threat of losing the one they love. Of course, hastily marriages are especially susceptible to many of the issues that tear couples apart. If you are considering marrying a non-citizen, you should seriously look into a prenuptial agreement to ensure that you both remain protected if the marriage does not last.

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