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Best interests of a child and grandparent custody

When a court considers custody options for a child, it is primarily concerned with the child's best interests above the rights or many of the preferences of parents and other guardians. In many cases, a court may even consider the wishes of the child in a ruling. This does not mean that parents and others in the child's life have no say in the custody of a child: in fact, quite the opposite. Most courts prefer for families to work together to create a custody plan that puts the child's needs first.

Child custody and support in prenuptial agreements

Any couple can usually find some benefit in a prenuptial agreement, excepting those who create faulty agreements based on poor understandings of the law. While prenuptial agreements offer potential spouses many important protections, these agreements acknowledge very strict limits to what they can and cannot govern during a divorce.

Do you know how to deal with your debts in divorce?

Divorce is often far more involved and complicated than spouses expect, sometimes leading to ongoing financial difficulty well after the divorce finalizes. Even worse, couples can avoid many of these frustrations with some careful planning and execution during the divorce process, but they often overlook crucial aspects of debt division out of a desire to get the marriage behind them as soon as possible.

How can I compel a parent to pay owed child support?

If your child's other parent does not pay his or her child support on time, your child is ultimately the one who suffers. Unfortunately, many parents with child support obligations do not stay current with support payments, placing both themselves and the support-receiving parent in a difficult conflict. For the parent trying to cover the shortfall of income, this can seem like a hopeless circumstance with no solution.

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