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How to provide a stress-free custody exchange

Have you recently divorced your spouse and are now involved in a child custody arrangement? Do you have an arrangement with the other parent of your child, which can be created even if you haven't been married to each other. Child custody exchanges can be very stressful and awkward, especially if you do not get along with the other parent. Here are some tips for making sure the exchange goes smoothly in Austin, Texas.

The potential risks of filing uncontested divorce

Filing for an uncontested divorce often seems like a simple and straightforward solution for couples who realize that they want a divorce and do not wish to prolong the matter or get bogged down in months or years of negotiations over property and custody rights. In many instances, it is just that. For couples whose circumstances align with the benefits of uncontested divorce, it is an excellent way to dissolve a marriage quickly and civilly.

When can you sue for a paternity test in Texas?

Determining paternity is not always a simple matter, especially if the mother of the child does not consent to a paternity test. Unlike other states, Texas allows for more flexibility when it comes to pursuing paternity, but still places some restrictions on the circumstances in which a potential father may sue in order to obtain testing. These legal boundaries must be considered carefully before taking specific legal action.

What is a fixed visitation schedule in child custody?

When a couple must work out how to share child custody and visitation privileges, courts prefer to give them the opportunity to create a plan they both can agree upon, provided that it places the best interests of their child above their own rights or privileges. Unfortunately, parents are not always to reach such an agreement, and the court must step in and create a more rigid schedule that both parents must legally follow or risk loss of privileges or even criminal charges.

Prenuptial agreements and child custody issues

Prenuptial agreement are an essential part of many marriages, and should certainly be used much more frequently than they are. Considering the number of marriages that do ultimately end in divorce, it is no small wonder than more couples do not choose to protect each other and themselves with a thoughtful and well-planned prenuptial agreement.

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