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Domestic violence and child custody decisions

When you and your child's other parent share custody, you may have reasons to believe that your co-parent acts violently toward your child during their time together. Whether this is because of physical evidence, seeing the violence take place, or hearing about it from your child, it is obviously of the utmost importance that you keep your child safe. However, if your child's other parent enjoys court-ordered time with the child, you may feel as though you have few options to maintain your child's safety and still abide by the terms of the custody order.

Is A Stress-Free Divorce Possible?

Yes, divorce can be tough. However, there are ways to eliminate the stress from the divorce process, making it easier not only for you, but for everyone involved. That is the subject of the new book, Stress-Free Divorce Volume 4.

Protecting your family as you end your marriage

Choosing to end a marriage that involves children is rarely a simple choice, and many times results in lasting emotional damage for everyone involved. The divorce process is often particularly difficult for the children, especially if they are old enough to experience the profound loss of parents splitting but too young to fully process the reasons behind the divorce.

Approaching divorce and property division with preparation

For many spouses, the prospect of divorce is scary and overwhelming. This is a normal feeling, and not one that you should ignore if you find it happening in your own circumstances, but you can also take steps to address these fears directly and protect your interests. No matter how complicated or simple you expect your divorce to be, it is always wise to prepare carefully and set wise expectations about the outcome.

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