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The child’s best interests often decide custody disputes

When approaching divorce as a parent, it is not always easy to balance your own needs and priorities with those of your child. This is perfectly understandable, but does not work in your favor when it comes time for a court to approve a custody agreement or issue a custody order. As far courts are concerned, the best interests of the child must dictate the distribution of custody privileges and responsibilities.

What should parents expect after divorce?

Divorce is rarely a simple or easy process, but parents who choose to divorce face a potential crisis if they do not have a clear picture of what to expect after the divorce finalizes. This compromises the best interests of both the parents and the children.

Should all couples have prenuptial agreements?

Often, when couples come to an attorney to set up a prenuptial agreement, one or both partners have strong misgivings. This is understandable, especially considering the negative stigma that prenups have among some parts of the population. One of the most common concerns that couples have about creating a prenup is that it "encourages divorce" or otherwise weakens their relationship.

Is uncontested divorce a good solution for you?

For couples who do not remain married very long or who have few assets to divide, uncontested divorce is often a strong solution to their divorce needs. When used properly, uncontested divorce helps couples get the resolution they need personally and legally without dragging the process out into a lengthy battle that drains resources and worsens an already tense relationship.

Modifying your custody order after divorce

Once your divorce finalizes and you and your child's other parent begin working through the process of actually raising your child separately, you may find that your custody arrangement simply doesn't work with your needs or circumstances. In some cases, this is due to poor foresight while crafting your custody agreement, whereas in other cases, a parent's income or health may change significantly, making it infeasible to abide by the existing arrangement .

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