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When are child custody agreement modifications necessary?

When most co-parents draw up a child custody agreement, they intend for that agreement to work for their family for some time. No one wants to go back to court to seek a modification if they don't have to. However, sometimes a modification of the agreement is in the best interests of your children.

The unique challenges of divorcing a servicemember co-parent

Co-parenting after divorce is never without its challenges. However, military families often experience additional complications because of the unique lifestyle that comes with being a servicemember. Divorce can be particularly challenging for the non-military parent.

What divorcing parents can learn from adult children of divorce

If neither you nor your soon-to-be ex grew up with divorced parents, you can't fully understand how your children may feel about their parents splitting up. This is true regardless of how many books and articles you read about healthy co-parenting.

How do we raise the kids? Deciding a child's faith amid divorce

When couples of different religious faiths divorce, the decision about in which faith to raise the children may become a point of contention. Even parents who attend services only on major religious holidays and who haven't spent much time passing their faith and its traditions down to their children can suddenly become extremely concerned about their children's religion in divorce. Often, parents who aren't getting primary custody of their kids begin to fear that their kids will grow up solely in their custodial parent's faith.

Handling a co-parent's reemergence into your kids' lives

Your co-parent has been out of your children's lives for some time and now is seeking to renew contact with them. Maybe they moved a long distance away after the divorce and are now relocating back to Austin. Perhaps they weren't allowed to see the kids because of substance abuse or mental health issues, but have sought and been awarded visitation or shared custody. Maybe they've been incarcerated and are now being released.

What should you include in your parenting plan?

As part of your custody agreement that designates how you and your co-parent will share custody of your children, it's important to draw up a parenting plan. This plan will provide more detail about how the two of you will deal with various parenting issues as your children grow up.

Your kids' school calendar and your parenting time schedule

If you and your co-parent are in the process of working out your child custody agreement, you're likely determining how the kids will be dividing their time or spending alternate years with each of you around major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving as well as during spring and vacations. However, there are a lot of other times during the school year where your kids will have a half-day or full day off that you might not be considering.

Child exchange options when co-parents can not be around each other

Among the most crucial details to work out as you and your co-parent negotiate your custody agreement is how to handle the exchanges of your children. If you will continue to live near each other and share custody, these exchanges may be frequent.

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