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Why a custody battle with a spouse in recovery may not be wise

If you're divorcing a spouse who has had alcohol and/or drug abuse issues and the two of you have children, it's only natural that your concern for their safety and well-being is paramount. You may have determined that you want full custody of the kids -- particularly if your co-parent is still struggling with substance abuse or maybe doesn't believe that they have a problem. Even if your co-parent is in recovery, you may be concerned about a relapse.

Parents' battle over child's gender attracts political attention

Divorced parents can disagree about many things related to their children's upbringing. However, two Texas parents can't agree on the gender of their child. The court battle has attracted the attention of the governor, other Texas politicians and conservative media.

Controlling your reactions when dealing with your co-parent

One of the most challenging aspects of co-parenting after divorce is that we have to find a way to communicate and work respectfully and constructively with a person who may have caused us significant pain in the past -- or whom we hurt. It can be difficult to put your personal history aside and focus on dealing with each other solely as co-parents.

What are the 'best interests of the child?'

Are you negotiating a child custody agreement as part of your divorce, or are you or your co-parent seeking changes to the agreement you have in place? When judges make a decision on or give approval to an agreement or requested modifications to it, they will be considering what's in the "best interests of the child."

Special concerns for divorcing parents with adopted children

Parental divorce can bring up all sorts of feelings of insecurity in children. They're losing the family structure they've always known. They often blame themselves for their parents' break-up -- particularly if they've been the subject of some of their parents' arguments in the past. Children's first instinct is to think about how any change will affect them. Therefore, it's not uncommon for a child to worry first and foremost about how a divorce will impact their life.

Dealing with people in your co-parent's (and children's) lives

Even the most mature, amicable co-parenting relationships can be challenged when other people who are part of your children's lives are involved. You and your ex-spouse may have a healthy relationship that is focused on doing what's best for your kids. However, former in-laws and new significant others can threaten that relationship, often unwittingly, if you aren't prepared to deal with them.

Co-parenting with an uncooperative ex

You and your ex-spouse were able to work out a custody and visitation agreement and put a parenting plan in place. You envisioned that you two would be able to successfully co-parent your kids across your two households. However, your co-parent isn't cooperating in this new relationship. What are your options?

How do you co-parent when there's a no-contact order in place?

If there has been domestic violence in a relationship, or accusations of domestic violence, the victim may be able to seek a no-contact order. That's basically what it sounds like: an order to prevent contact of any kind -- in person, by phone, text, email or other means of communication, including social media.

When are child custody agreement modifications necessary?

When most co-parents draw up a child custody agreement, they intend for that agreement to work for their family for some time. No one wants to go back to court to seek a modification if they don't have to. However, sometimes a modification of the agreement is in the best interests of your children.

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