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Sperm donor wins parental rights

As technological advances bring along new opportunities, they also bring with them personal and legal complexities that our ancestors could likely have never imagined. Texas recently spoke to such an issue when it handed down a ruling regarding whether a man who donated sperm to a woman he knew for childbearing purposes could be legally considered the father of the child and seek parental rights.

Establishing paternity gives fathers both rights and obligations

When trying to establish paternity in Texas, it's important to consider the way that a defined paternal link is going to change the father's relationship with the child. It will bring about new rights and opportunities, but it also brings along new obligations.

Questions we can answer regarding paternity

When it comes to paternity, it's wise to gather as much information as you possibly can so that you understand the ins and outs of the legal system in Texas. We pride ourselves on our ability to answer the pressing questions that our clients have, helping them navigate through the case from beginning to end. Questions you may want to ask include the following:

Why is it important to officially establish paternity?

One of the first questions people have about paternity testing is usually fairly simple: What makes it important? What are the main reasons to get the test done, outside of just giving yourself the peace of mind of knowing for sure who the child's father is? There are a few important reasons to consider, including the following:

Important facts about a denial of paternity

If you've been accused of being a child's father and you believe you are not the father, you can sign a Denial of Paternity. This is something you may want to do, for example, so that you don't end up paying child support for someone else's child. Below are a few key things you should know about these forms:

How can you prevent paternity fraud?

Of course, it's important that fathers take responsibility for helping to raise and be a role model for their children, even if they are no longer in a relationship with the mother. Financial responsibility is also part of being a father. However, many men throughout Texas and the rest of the country paying child support for children who are not theirs.

Taking action when there is disagreement about paternity

When a disagreement develops concerning a paternity case in Texas, it can be very frustrating for those involved if they don't know what their legal options are. If you feel that a child is yours, for example, but the child's mother disagrees, you can be cut off from normal parental contact with that child against your will. Without proper legal work, you may never get the rights that you deserve.

How, why and by whom is a paternity suit filed in Texas?

When a woman has a child with a man who is not her husband and he does not willingly claim paternity of the child, she has the option to file a paternity suit. In Texas, if a married woman has a child or if she was married at the time of conception, her husband is presumed to be the child's father. However, that does not prevent her from filing a paternity suit to have another man named the legal father.

Do child support programs reflect an outdated view of paternity?

The child support system in our country dates back to the 1970s. However, experts contend, it does not reflect today's families or economy. Most of the couples were divorced and had child custody agreements with designated parental responsibilities. Often, just as when they were married, divorced fathers were the wage-earners and the mothers were the caretakers.