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Why equally shared custody is good for parents as well as kids

Custody agreements between divorced parents are more likely to provide equal parenting time than they did even several decades ago, when many divorced fathers were relegated to being "weekend dads." A multitude of studies have found that children do better when they spend approximately the same amount of time with each of their parents.

What to do if your co-parent is denying you parenting time

You and your former spouse likely spent a lot of time and energy developing your parenting plan when you divorced. Maybe you were able to work it out yourselves, with the help of your attorneys. Perhaps a judge had to step in. Either way, one of the key elements of the plan is how much parenting time each one of you gets and when.

Should your child have a say in your custody agreement?

When parents are battling over how custody of a child will be shared, one or both of them may want their child to have a say in the matter -- especially if they think their child will "choose" them to be their primary caregiver. Some judges want to hear from kids who are old enough and mature enough to have their opinion heard when their parents can't reach an agreement.

Do custody plans allow children to leave the state?

Parents who are planning to divorce or recently divorced are probably in the process of figuring out how they can best accommodate their children's needs. Child custody planning can get especially tricky for people who travel a lot for work. Most parents decide to plan a custody schedule that aligns with their schedules.

How to minimize holiday stress with a blended family

If you're a divorced parent, it's likely that eventually you'll become part of a blended family. Your new spouse may have children. Your co-parent may have a new spouse and stepchildren. There could be a host of grandparents, aunts and uncles and other relatives in your children's lives.

Things you definitely shouldn't do if you're in a custody battle

If you're in a custody battle with your ex or soon-to-be-ex, the stress and anger you feel may cause you to behave in ways that will only harm your case. If you believe that your co-parent and possibly the judge and others who have a say in the outcome are being unfair, you might feel like giving up. You may not worry about how your actions will impact your case.

Why a custody battle with a spouse in recovery may not be wise

If you're divorcing a spouse who has had alcohol and/or drug abuse issues and the two of you have children, it's only natural that your concern for their safety and well-being is paramount. You may have determined that you want full custody of the kids -- particularly if your co-parent is still struggling with substance abuse or maybe doesn't believe that they have a problem. Even if your co-parent is in recovery, you may be concerned about a relapse.

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