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Virtual visitation for parents

These days, parents have a few more options than previous generations when it comes to custody and visitation, including virtual visitation. Virtual visitation is still relatively new and is not prescribed in every instance, but many courts now recognize that the widespread use of smartphones and tablets allows parents and children to spend time together through videoconferencing technology.

Domestic violence and child custody decisions

When you and your child's other parent share custody, you may have reasons to believe that your co-parent acts violently toward your child during their time together. Whether this is because of physical evidence, seeing the violence take place, or hearing about it from your child, it is obviously of the utmost importance that you keep your child safe. However, if your child's other parent enjoys court-ordered time with the child, you may feel as though you have few options to maintain your child's safety and still abide by the terms of the custody order.

What is a fixed visitation schedule in child custody?

When a couple must work out how to share child custody and visitation privileges, courts prefer to give them the opportunity to create a plan they both can agree upon, provided that it places the best interests of their child above their own rights or privileges. Unfortunately, parents are not always to reach such an agreement, and the court must step in and create a more rigid schedule that both parents must legally follow or risk loss of privileges or even criminal charges.

Are you a victim of parenting time interference?

As a parent sharing custody or visitation rights, you know that custody issues are often very difficult to navigate. It is normal for parents to face some difficulty forming their lives around a court ordered custody plan, but some behavior crosses a line into dangerous territory, amounting in some cases to parenting time interference.

Best interests of a child and grandparent custody

When a court considers custody options for a child, it is primarily concerned with the child's best interests above the rights or many of the preferences of parents and other guardians. In many cases, a court may even consider the wishes of the child in a ruling. This does not mean that parents and others in the child's life have no say in the custody of a child: in fact, quite the opposite. Most courts prefer for families to work together to create a custody plan that puts the child's needs first.

How can I compel a parent to pay owed child support?

If your child's other parent does not pay his or her child support on time, your child is ultimately the one who suffers. Unfortunately, many parents with child support obligations do not stay current with support payments, placing both themselves and the support-receiving parent in a difficult conflict. For the parent trying to cover the shortfall of income, this can seem like a hopeless circumstance with no solution.

Does child custody have tax implications?

As you and your child's other parent work toward a fair child custody agreement, be sure to address how the way you divide your parenting responsibilities and privileges may affect your respective tax returns. Many parents, especially if they are both first-timers at parenting, do not realize how many exemptions and credits child custody offers.

Can I seek sole custody?

In general, courts prefer to split custody evenly between two parents. However, in many cases, this is either not possible or is in conflict with the wishes of one or both parents. If you or your child's other parent plan to seek sole custody, it is important to understand what that actually means, and what it does not.

Preparing to seek nonparental custody

Child custody conflicts are usually between parents of a child, but not always. In some cases, a party other than a biological parent may seek custody of a child, and courts are usually willing to consider a compelling argument for nonparental custody if the circumstances justify it. If you know a child who you believe may have a safer, more beneficial upbringing with you, you need to determine the strongest grounds you have for requesting custody.

Do I need a temporary child support order?

When a child is rather young, determining who should care for him or her and when is an important part of any divorce negotiation. One of the most commonly used tools in this instance is a temporary child custody order. Under a temporary child custody order, parents establish their respective duties and parental privileges, which is an important part of navigating divorce, especially for parents who are already relatively combative with each other.