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Remaining close to in-laws after divorce can have its challenges

You may have heard friends and colleagues talk about how they dread the occasions when they have to be around their ex-spouse's family -- for example, at events involving your children. However, you are very close to one or more of your in-laws and want to maintain a relationship after your divorce.

Tips from transitioning from spouses to co-parents amid divorce

As you go through your divorce, you and your spouse will transition from being wedded partners to a relationship that is focused on your roles as co-parents. You'll still be in each other's lives for many years -- even when your kids become adults.

Navigating back-to-school time as divorced parents

Back-to-school time can be especially challenging for families where the parents are separated or divorced. If this is your first fall living apart, you're probably still figuring out how best to deal with your kids' school and extracurricular activities this upcoming school year.

A good co-parenting relationship begins with an amicable divorce

Most divorcing couples who have kids want a good co-parenting relationship because they understand that this is what's best for their children. However, how they deal with each other during the divorce as they work out property division, support and child custody agreements often sets the tone for how they will deal with each other as they co-parent their kids. If a couple can remain amicable throughout their divorce, they're taking an important first step toward a positive, effective co-parenting relationship.

Texas divorces and beneficiary designations

If you have an estate plan in place, you'll likely be making some changes to it as soon as your divorce is final -- if not sooner. Chances are you no longer want your soon-to-be ex to have powers of attorney over your health care and finances should you become incapacitated, for example.

New Texas law will provide relief for victims of 'coerced debt'

Many Texans find out only as they go through the divorce process that their spouse has opened credit cards or taken out a loan or line of credit in their name. They may be responsible for many thousands of dollars in debt they can't afford to pay off and left with a credit score that makes getting credit in their own name difficult to impossible.

When co-parents disagree on extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are an important part of most kids' childhoods. When their parents are divorcing, having the consistency of games, lessons and other activities can be extremely important to kids. However, too often, co-parents' disagreements over which extracurricular activities are appropriate and/or affordable can threaten these important outlets for their children.

Proposed legislation could help Texas grandparents get visitation

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren can be a strong one. However, when parents divorce, grandparents sometimes find themselves cut out of their grandchildren's lives. Their former son- or daughter-in-law may have primary custody of the kids and not want them to be around their ex-spouse's parents. Sometimes their own child may not make the effort to let them see their grandkids (or may not want them to).

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