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Why does the divorce process surprise many Texans?

Many Texas residents facing divorce don't really know what to expect, particularly if they don't have friends or family who have been through it. They've only seen divorces on TV or read about celebrity break-ups. Both of these tend to have more drama than the real thing.

Same-sex Texas couples fight for the right to divorce

How would you feel if you and your spouse wanted to end your marriage, but you couldn't because the state doesn't recognize that you are married? That's the problem facing some couples who were married in states where same-sex marriage is legal and then moved to states like Texas where it is not.

High profile Lubbock Texas divorce jury trial declared mistrial

A Lubbock, Texas, couple seeking to end their marriage requested a jury trial. Although somewhat unusual, Texas state law does allow for a jury trial in divorce cases upon request. The case, which was high profile because the husband's father is a city attorney, and was previously accused by the wife of sexually molesting her at the couples' home, has ended, for now, in a mistrial declared by the judge.

Texas woman wants to divorce ex-football star after 2 weeks

Around two weeks ago, football fans shared the happy news that former National Football League star player Terrell Owens, who previously had experienced substantial financial difficulty, had gotten married for the first time to a former postal worker from Texas. But shortly thereafter, they were shocked to learn that the 33-year-old woman had already decided that she had enough and wanted out. She's seeking a divorce. The wedding had been a secret ceremony, known only after the fact.

Spurs' basketball player's marriage over

Tim Duncan, a player for the San Antonio Spurs professional basketball team, and his wife have ended their marriage. The divorce was the end of a relationship that had begun in college. At the request of the athlete's lawyer, the divorce hearing was held at the lawyer's office, with the couple and their attorneys in attendance. Most hearings are held at the Bexar County, Texas, courthouse. Evidently, the couple feared harassment from "paparazzi" asking for autographs or taking numerous photographs.

Divorcing without a lawyer? It's really not a good idea

People in Texas thinking about getting a divorce may be tempted to try to get through the process on their own without a lawyer. They can be misled by online ads that promise to help you fill out court papers by yourself for a discounted fee. This is not generally a good idea and can result in all kinds of difficulties and trouble.

Details of Simpson split released

When celebrities or well-known personalities split up, many men, women and media members around the country are desperate to get a glimpse of how their vast fortune was divided up. While a celebrity’s wealth may not be comparable to that of a normal Texas resident, these instances still show the property division phase of divorce in action.

Borger a microcosm of the country on divorce

No city or town in the United States saw a bigger rise in divorce than Borger, Texas, according to data from the U.S. Census. This small town, located in the Texas panhandle, has seen its divorce rate nearly double since 2007. The latest data revealed that 15.2 percent of adults in the town were divorced.

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