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What are protective orders?

Sometimes, when a person makes some dangerous choices and becomes a threat to his or her family or loved ones, it is necessary to use the strength of the law to protect vulnerable individuals. Often, this means one partner in a relationship must be kept away from the other partner, and possibly children who are a part of the relationship. To accomplish this protection, Texas offers a number of different protective orders to those in need.

Proposed bill would license detention centers for childcare

Texans often witness the complicated intersection of sovereign security, family rights and immigration issues in a way that few other states will ever know, due to the hundreds of miles of border it shares with Mexico. Just such a complex conflict is at the heart of a new bill recently proposed in the Texas Senate's Veterans Affairs and Border Security Committee.

Man faces kidnapping charges for taking child out of the country

Sharing custody of your child with a former spouse or partner can become complicated in many ways, often requiring the strength of the law to enforce your rights and protect the child that you love. It can be intimidating to face some family challenges, and many people feel as though it is somehow inappropriate to enlist the help of an attorney for a family matter. However, an experienced family law attorney can help you understand the scope of the law and how it may apply to your dilemma. Sometimes, you might be tempted to take a course of action that is illegal, and could use some professional advice before you derail your relationship with your child, and possibly other areas of your life.

Texas legislature debates subsidies for vulnerable children

Texas lawmakers got personal with each other recently, turning a legislative meeting into a debate about personal ethics and institutional racism. There are certainly many passionate feelings on all sides. No one can disagree that at the heart of the matter is the fact that many children who are exceptionally vulnerable -- those who come from unsafe environments -- are taken into state custody.

Consider becoming a foster parent

If you have been fortunate enough to have a stable home and have your physical and emotional needs provided for, you ought to take a moment and simply appreciate what an incredible blessing it is to have those things. Many children in the state of Texas are not so fortunate. The foster care system fights to give a second chance to children who have been born into exceptionally difficult or dangerous situations, but the needs are far greater than the number of families who are willing or able to take in foster children.

Figures start to roll in on new child support law

Back in September of 2016, the Texas Attorney General took aim at parents who do not pay their child support in a timely manner. The new law restricts parents who are sufficiently behind on their child support payments form registering their vehicles. The law has its supporters and detractors, and the preliminary results are beginning to trickle in.

Woman arrested for abusing disabled children

Whenever a family chooses to adopt, it is hopeful that the child has been offered a chance to be a part of a loving home and freedom from the many dangers that populate the foster care system. Unfortunately, adoption is not always a dream come true for the children who receive it. A Texas woman who adopted seven children with disabilities over several years has been taken into custody and the children have been removed form her care, after welfare workers found the children living in unsafe conditions.

Annulment under Texas law

There are many ways that a marriage can fail, but under certain circumstances, it is possible to have a marriage annulled in the state of Texas. Regardless of why you might want to have a marriage invalidated, the law allows for this to be accomplished if certain standards are met.

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