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What newly-divorced men need to know

It often seems like most advice about getting through a divorce and moving on with your life is written by and for women. Although it's a cliche, many women are more comfortable opening up about their feelings and fears than men are. However, divorced men can provide a wealth of information that can help other men still going through the process, particularly when it comes to big issues like parenting and new relationships.

Case begins determining what Texas needs to pay in child support

A man in Texas was wrongfully arrested on the grounds of sexual assault, and he was sent to prison. He stayed there for 25 years, getting out in the mid-1990s. Another man had committed the crimes, but this wasn't discovered until DNA evidence was used to clear his name.

Don't give up your power during your divorce

It's essential in a divorce to work to get what you need to move forward with your life. That doesn't mean fighting over everything just because you want to get back at your spouse. It does mean determining what is important to you and fighting for that. However, too many people give away power during a divorce in ways they don't even realize. Following are some important ways to avoid doing that.

What are your legal options if facing family violence?

Sometimes, unfortunately, close relationships can descend into threats and violence. No one should have to deal with that. There are legal steps that you can take to help protect yourself, your children and other loved ones against anyone who has done harm or threatened harm to you.

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