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Prenuptial agreements must be carefully done

Prenuptial agreements can be very useful for a good number of couples getting married in Texas. It can help make sure, for example, that children from a prior marriage are adequately provided for in the event of death or divorce and help protect a business or professional practice begun before the marriage in the event of a breakup. But there are a number of cautions worth mentioning when obtaining prenuptial agreements.

Matriarch of Kardashian clan reportedly lacks prenup

People in Texas thinking of getting married need to examine whether they should have a prenuptial agreement. A recent news story serves as a cautionary tale. Kris Jenner, known as the matriarch of the celebrity Kardashian clan, and her husband Bruce are reported to not have a prenuptial agreement. The story of the impending end of their marriage may well set the stage for a long drawn out court battle over their fortune, estimated as totaling over $125 million.

Prenuptial agreement may protect Google co-founder

A high-power technology couple, Sergey Brin, the co-founder of leading search engine Google, and his wife Anne Wojcicki, a prominent entrepreneur in the biotech industry, have reportedly split up. Apparently, they have lived separate and apart for a several months now. Whether a divorce is impending is not yet clear, but the various assets each of them has could be protected under the terms of a prenuptial agreement they both signed before marrying in 2007.

Prenuptial agreements may not limit creditors' actions

When a couple is getting married in Texas or elsewhere, often a prenuptial agreement may be a good idea to protect assets that one or both spouses have acquired before the marriage. It is used to provide for how certain property is going to be divided in the event of divorce or to make sure that children from a previous marriage are adequately taken care of financially. It is also often used to protect each party in the marriage against debts brought into the marriage by one spouse or another.

What you need to know about prenuptial agreements

While most people in Texas and nationwide have read about the use of prenuptial agreements by athletes, movie stars and other celebrities, many don't know much about the actual content of such agreements and their usefulness for non-celebrities. There a few basic things about prenuptial agreements that everyone should know, especially those contemplating getting married.

Prenuptial agreements not just for the super wealthy

Yes, it's true. If you are a billionaire with a global business empire or a movie star receiving millions of dollars for each new movie, a before you get married is almost a given. But you hardly need to be Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch or Brad Pitt to avail yourself of the protections that such a legal document can provide.

Money issues should be discussed before marriage

Those planning to be married often get involved in very detailed wedding planning. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, something chocolate! Ok, we made that last one up, but chocolate is mighty good. Equally as good is the idea that such couples should have a frank and detailed discussion about money issues, and that in many instances, a prenuptial agreement may be helpful.

Divorcing oil magnet may lose billions for lack of prenup

The lack of a prenuptial agreement may wind up costing billions of dollars for oil tycoon Harold Hamm, who is currently embroiled in divorce proceedings with his estranged wife. She has accused him of infidelity, and there has been controversy over whether she should be ordered to disclose secret recordings - both audio and video - that she is said to have had made depicting him in the privacy of their homes.

No prenup for Jennifer Aniston and her groom?

In what is viewed as an unusual move for a celebrity marriage, evidently celebrity Jennifer Aniston and her husband to be, Justin Theroux, are planning to soon walk down the aisle without the benefit of having a prenuptial agreement. Anniston reportedly has assets that may be as large as $150 million, which would lead many soon-to-be spouses seeking to have such an agreement in place just in case wedded bliss later turns into acrimony and divorce. Celebrity marriages, in particular, are well known for frequently falling asunder.


When a prenup WON'T work

A prenuptial agreement is often seen as an indestructible, important tool to use heading into a marriage - and with good reason. A prenuptial agreement anticipates the event of a divorce and instructs spouses on how assets are to be distributed. Often, and perhaps stereotypically, prenuptial agreements are used by spouses with significant assets to ensure that their spouse-to-be is not looking to get married, only to divorce and hijack half of the wealth.

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