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Can excessive Twitter use lead to divorce?

Can Twitter use be detrimental to your marriage? According to a study by a journal called Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, it can. The author of the study, a University of Missouri doctoral student, surveyed almost 600 Twitter users about their use of the site. The study found that active users were likely to have conflict with their partners over the time they spent on Twitter and the amount of attention they gave to tweeting, responding to tweets and just reviewing the tweets of those they follow.

What do you do when a pet becomes a bargaining chip in a divorce?

Some people may scoff at the idea of divorcing couples having custody battles over pets. However, many Texans cherish their four-legged family members and can't imagine not having them in their lives. We can fully understand how couples who go their separate ways may find the decision of where their animals will live a wrenching one.

Oil billionaire's divorce being watched by shareholders

Texas has had its fair share of oil barons over the years, but so have our neighbors in Oklahoma. In that state, oil billionaire, Harold Hamm, is going through a divorce that has had shareholders at the company he founded, Continental Resources, concerned about their own assets.

Divorce as Painless as Possible: Austin Lawyer Offers Better Way

The decision to end a marriage is hard, but the process doesn't have to be difficult and expensive. Based on years of experience in the family law arena, Daryl Weinman has created a new option: The Divorce Resort process, which incorporates mediation in a very private and relaxed environment, with assurances that the process will end on a set schedule for a flat fee.

Texas banker's battle over child support, custody gets ugly

In many cases, a divorce does not mark the end of legal disputes between couples. That is especially true when there are child support and custody issues. Now the founder of Texas's Green Bank and his ex-wife are involved in a particularly nasty and public battle over child custody and support. The banker is bringing up issues that his ex-wife says have no place in the dispute.

High profile Lubbock Texas divorce jury trial declared mistrial

A Lubbock, Texas, couple seeking to end their marriage requested a jury trial. Although somewhat unusual, Texas state law does allow for a jury trial in divorce cases upon request. The case, which was high profile because the husband's father is a city attorney, and was previously accused by the wife of sexually molesting her at the couples' home, has ended, for now, in a mistrial declared by the judge.

Texas woman wants to divorce ex-football star after 2 weeks

Around two weeks ago, football fans shared the happy news that former National Football League star player Terrell Owens, who previously had experienced substantial financial difficulty, had gotten married for the first time to a former postal worker from Texas. But shortly thereafter, they were shocked to learn that the 33-year-old woman had already decided that she had enough and wanted out. She's seeking a divorce. The wedding had been a secret ceremony, known only after the fact.

Doctor accused of spying on estranged wife through computer

A doctor who worked as a surgeon and researcher at a cancer center in Houston, Texas, for over 20 years has been accused of installing spying software on his estranged wife's computer. He allegedly did this with the aid of a computer specialist while the couple was in the middle of divorce proceedings. The software used is known as eBlaster and is not hard to obtain. It can be purchased online for as little as $99.