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Dad, without daughter for 4 years, awarded full custody

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2011 | Child Custody

A U.S. father anxiously awaits the return of a daughter he has barely seen or known. The physician worked tirelessly in a child custody battle to get the young girl back from Japan, where the child’s mother took her four years ago.

The Japanese mother of the girl is in a U.S. jail following the international parental abduction. The mother faced a 12-year prison term, if she refused to return the girl. The judge in the case ruled that the mother of the girl will be held in jail until the child is reunited with her father in the United States.

The girl currently lives in Japan with her grandparents, who told Japanese journalists that the child does not want to live in the United States. The American dad says he is not surprised his daughter feels that way.

The doctor saw his daughter for two hours over the last three years and believes she has been brainwashed by her Japanese relatives. Now a U.S. court has awarded him full custody.

The girl’s father says he is well-prepared for his daughter’s arrival. The doctor cooks and speaks Japanese. He has employed psychologists and an interpreter to help the girl make a comfortable transition to a reclaimed life in America.

With all the time and money spent to fight the child custody battle, the father remains cautious, but says he is counting down the days until he is reunited with his child. He says he is ready to build a relationship with the daughter he’s lived without for four years.

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