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Many reasons exist why you should draft a prenuptial agreement

One of the biggest concerns that most individuals have about getting married is fearing what will happen to their property if they end up divorced later.

An increasing number of engaged couples are using prenuptial agreements, in part, to give them the confidence that they won't lose everything that they've worked hard to get in life should their marriage end.

How can you co-parent with a narcisisst?

There are many things that you might have to do when you divorce a narcissist. If you have children with a narcissist, there are many things that are going to continue after the divorce is final. Coming up with a plan for handling a narcissistic co-parent is imperative.

One of the primary things you must do is realize that the narcissist thrives on dysfunction. They want things to be stressful, so they can get a rise out of you. Being able to take steps to avoid this can benefit you.

Don't forget about your timeshare during your divorce

If you're making a list of your assets as you contemplate or begin the process of divorce, don't forget your timeshare. Whether it's a beachfront condo in Cabo or mountainside cabin in Aspen, these assets are too often overlooked as divorcing couples begin deciding on how to divide assets – especially if they haven't been used for a while.

There are several options. Let's look at each.

Can you get a credit card after your bankruptcy?

If you had to get credit card debts discharged in bankruptcy, then you might feel like you will never be able to have one again. That isn't the truth. In fact, you may be able to get credit cards soon after your bankruptcy is finalized.

Bankruptcy affects your credit score by reducing it significantly. Your credit score will likely drop by hundreds of points. Since getting credit relies on having a good credit score, the reality is that it is difficult to get a new credit card with a good interest rate after bankruptcy.

How you dress when you go to court can make a difference

At some point during your divorce, you may have to appear in court before a judge. This can be a daunting prospect – particularly if a judge is deciding on an issue that you and your spouse couldn't agree on yourselves.

Your appearance – including the way you're dressed – can have an influence on the judge. Some people are used to dressing in business attire. However, what if you're a full-time mom, a work-at-home parent or your job involves wearing a uniform or casual, comfortable clothes? Pulling together a look that will show the judge that you're an upstanding person and that you take the courtroom and the matter at hand seriously without looking like you're trying to be someone you're not can be a challenge.

If you're stressing out about money, so are your kids

The early months of separation can be financially challenging for just about any family. Even if you and your ex have good incomes, living separately can be significantly more costly than living together.

As you're working out your division of assets and support agreements, you may find yourself strapped financially for the first time in years. If your spouse was the one who handled the family finances, doing it on your own can create an added level of stress.

Why compromise might be the best gift for your kids this season

This time of year can be the most challenging for divorced parents. You want your children to enjoy the holidays with all of their family members on both sides. However, it's easy to feel a bit of resentment when you hear them talking about how much they're looking forward to seeing their grandparents and other former in-laws of yours on Thanksgiving. It's only natural to feel competitive when you find out your co-parent wants to give each of the kids the latest iPhone for Christmas or Hanukkah.

Why it's okay to compromise

Making the first Thanksgiving after divorce easier on your kids

If you're a newly separated or divorced parent, you're likely approaching this Thanksgiving and the holidays that lie ahead with more than the usual amount of anxiety and stress. It's understandable that you're not feeling particularly thankful this year. However, you want your children to be able to enjoy the day and remember it fondly in future years rather than look back on it as the horrible Thanksgiving after their parents broke up.

You and your co-parent have a chance to model kindness and maturity this Thanksgiving by putting your differences aside – at least long enough to work out how you will all spend the holiday and perhaps even to spend it together. If you and your co-parent really can't sit at the same table together, or if perhaps you each have separate plans that involve your family and friends, you'll still need to work out how the children fit in to each of your holiday celebrations.

Having "the talk" with elderly parents

If you have aging parents, have you had "the talk" with them yet? As uncomfortable as it is, it's important to learn what plans your elderly parents have made regarding their future care and estate plan.

It's uncomfortable to confront your own mortality and contemplate the death of those whom you love. Discussing it frankly with them is even more uncomfortable. Yet, it can be the kindest thing you can do for your parents. Below are some tips on what to bring up, and when.

Mortgage and debt relief are the way to better stability

It's troublesome to have to worry about your finances in a weak economy, but you're not alone if you do. Debt relief makes a major difference for those who are struggling, especially when hours at work are cut or they lose their jobs.

One of the most vital types of relief is mortgage debt relief. Mortgage debt relief is crucial to the overall economy's recovery, and it's a good way to help people stay in their homes. For example, the CARES Act mandates that borrowers with government-backed mortgages will be allowed to postpone their payments for 90 days, and up to a year, due to an economic crisis.

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