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Navigating international travel with kids during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2024 | Divorce

Many people in Texas have family in other countries, such as Mexico, India and Japan. During a divorce, one parent may wish to take their child out of the country to visit relatives.

The other parent may have concerns about this. For example, what if the parent keeps the child in the other country for weeks or months longer than planned?

Legal requirements

Courts may let a parent take their child out of the country temporarily, especially if it benefits the child’s well-being or maintains family connections. However, this decision is serious. The courts consider various factors such as parental intentions, travel plans, risk assessment results and family connections.


About 33.1% of Texas children have at least one foreign-born parent. If one parent wants to travel internationally with the child, the other parent must assess potential risks associated with international travel, such as the child not returning as planned or encountering legal complications abroad. Understanding the legal framework of the destination country and having contingency plans can mitigate these risks.

Parental trust and cooperation

Trust and cooperation between parents is important in these situations. Both parties must communicate effectively and transparently about their intentions and plans regarding international travel with the child. This cooperation fosters trust and ensures that the child’s best interests remain the top priority.

Cultural and family connections

Maintaining cultural and family connections can be helpful for children. Allowing them to visit relatives in other countries can enrich their cultural understanding and strengthen familial bonds. However, parents need to balance these benefits with the child’s safety and stability.

These considerations may help parents navigate the complexities of international family dynamics during divorce proceedings.