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Singer, husband end marriage after 16 days

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2012 | Divorce

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor announced after just weeks of marriage that she and her new husband will divorce. O’Connor said friends and family of her new husband had pressured him to not be with her. She said his inner circle reacted negatively to things they had heard about her through the media, which residents of Texas and elsewhere have been reading about for years.

O’Connor and the 38-year-old man married on Dec. 8, her 45th birthday. According to reports, she wore a pink dress and the groom donned a pink shirt with his suit as they wed in a pink Cadillac in a drive-through ceremony at A Little White Wedding Chapel on the Las Vegas Strip. The announcement of the split came on her website, with O’Connor saying she was coming forward rather than have the news come through the media.

She said their marriage ended on Christmas Eve, just 16 days after being wed.

O’Connor said on her website that her unconventional behavior after the ceremony, combined with pressure from his friends and family, convinced her that staying married would cause her husband, a therapist, too much pain. She went on to say that he is a “wonderful man” whom she loved very much and regretted that she was not more of a traditional woman. Setting him free was the right thing to do, she said on her website.

This was O’Connor’s fourth marriage. Her most recent ended in April. She has four children from previous relationships.

While many may be quick to rush to judgment, all couples’ experiences are unique, and no on knows what truly happened except the two people involved. Celebrities have to get divorced too, and there is no shame in believing that it is the best course of action.

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