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On Behalf of | May 27, 2012 | Divorce

DIVORCE RESORT is a brand new concept created as a more peaceful and relaxed way to approach the divorce process.

At Divorce Resort, your divorce will be finalized

after a 3-day weekend

at a 4-star resort

for a flat fee.

Divorce Resort is a revolutionary concept giving you control over your life and your future and sets a definite timeline for completion of the legal process.

The concept is simple:  All necessary information is collected by the attorney prior to the weekend.  During your weekend, your Divorce Resort attorney mediates all issues of your divorce for the first two days, allowing you to take full control over your own future and to brainstorm creative solutions that will fit your unique family. All agreements that you make regarding your children and your finances will be reduced to writing in formal court documents for you to be entered with your local court after the weekend.

If there are any issues left after two days of mediating, your Divorce Resort® attorney arbitrates the final issues so that you can be assured that all of your divorce issues and paperwork will be finalized by the end of the three-day weekend

In general, the divorce process is full of fear, anxiety, and mistrust.  At the beginning of any divorce process, two of the most common concerns are: how long will the process take, and how much will it cost?  In traditional divorce litigation, no attorney can answer either of those questions.  The traditional process is based on emotion, fear and suspicion, all of which drag out the process and drive up the cost.

At Divorce Resort, both questions are answered for you upfront: You will be divorced after a 3-day weekend for a fixed cost. Having those two questions answered at the beginning of the process significantly reduces the anxiety involved and makes the settlement process that much easier. 

The Divorce Resort concept significantly reduces the high cost of traditionally litigating a divorce case, both the financial and the emotional cost. By agreeing in advance to the Divorce Resort® process, there is no threat of litigation, no ugly mud-slinging court battles, no intrusive nor invasive discovery tactics, and no contradicting experts. Information is collected and exchanged in a professional and business-like manner.

Negotiation of settlement ideas is done in a creative, private and dignified setting. Your final settlement will be specifically tailored to your individual situation, your specific circumstances and your very unique family.

All Divorce Resort attorneys are Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  You are in excellent hands with Divorce Resort attorneys.

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Divorce Resort is Innovation in Separation