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Singer, ex-wife squabble over kids

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2012 | Child Custody

The revelations from the Deion Sanders child custody hearings have rocked a Texas courtroom and made headlines across the county in recent weeks. Now, a custody dispute in a southeastern state involving a famous pop singer and his ex-wife has taken center stage, with them lobbing accusations at each other.

The lawyer for the ex-wife of singer Usher announced in court that Usher slept with one of the bridesmaids from their wedding during the two-year span he and his then-wife were married. The lawyer asked the singer if one of their nannies, who served as a bridesmaid, was dismissed because of an inappropriate relationship between the two.

Earlier in the trial, which now is in recess until July, the ex-wife’s lawyer accused Usher of lacking in parenting skills, contending he would rather spend time at clubs than with his two sons, ages 4 and 3.

Under questioning, he admitted to using marijuana previously, but his lawyer stopped any further questioning about drug use. Usher testified his children never saw him use drugs but was not as candid with his answers when asked if he had spent time with the kids just after using drugs.

Usher had his own set of stories that he said are true about his ex-wife, whom he claims has violent tendencies. On the stand, he said his wife hit him and also attempted to hit his girlfriend after spitting on her. He said his ex-wife became filled with anger after he showed up at her house with his girlfriend.

While Usher and his girlfriend were in the car, the ex-wife approached the car, opened the door and attempted to hit the other woman. He said he got out of the car, and his ex-wife hit him. As he tried to drive off, the ex-wife also threw a plate of food at him, he said.

The bitter custody battle has dragged on and on. At some point, the two parents will need to realize that they need to come to an agreement for their children’s sake. The children need stability, and seeing their parents argue is not helpful.

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