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Divorce no reason to fall into emotional, physical doldrums

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2012 | Divorce

Any Texans who have gone through divorce understand the heartache it can cause. But it also can cause health issues. Advisers say that one of the most important things people can do following a divorce is to maintain both their physical and emotional health.

The stress of a divorce makes it easy to forget healthy habits, but experts said that it’s important for the newly divorced to make time for themselves to stay healthy. They offered these tips for watching one’s health after a divorce:

•1. Get support: This could mean talking with a friend or other confidant who also has had a marriage end. Find a support group filled with people who have been through a divorce. The members can provide both advice and comfort. Many churches and community organizations host such support groups.

•2. Make sure that children are unaffected: Bringing children into the fray between two ex-spouses is unwise. Their emotional health could suffer because of it, as could their parents. It is best for ex-spouses, even if they are warring, to remain friendly in front of the kids.

•3. Make good lifestyle choices: Don’t fall into negative actions such as drinking, smoking or overeating. This is a great time to try to find a new identity and explore healthy avenues. Physical activity or a hobby is also a great way to find a new outlet for stress.

•4. Purchase health insurance if your spouse was the provider: Going without health insurance is an unnecessary risk that could ruin a family financially. Health insurance is vital in case of a major illness or an accident. Having it also will encourage people to seek routine care, instead of ignoring it out of fear of the costs.

Divorce is a time of great change. Making some positive changes will help the newly divorced take positive steps toward a new life.

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