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Divorce involving famed Houston ball player continues

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2013 | Family Law

Unfortunately, divorce become a setting for spouses to dredge up old disputes in order to gain an upper hand. On one hand, this could be a good thing — especially when children are involved. Exposing dangerous or unethical behavior by one spouse can give a judge a better sense of how to create the best possible child custody arrangement. On the other hand, creating this kind of tension in Texas family court may unnecessarily create animosity.

A high-profile divorce in Houston has featured such antics. A renowned surgeon and his wife are amid a divorce. The woman, once she is divorced, plans to marry Jeff Bagwell, the former baseball player for the Houston Astros.

The woman in the case said that her husband suffers from bouts of blind rage, which is why he needs to be supervised when he visits their children. She said that he has a propensity to let his anger get away from him, which causes him to have outbursts.

The man disputes this claim and says that he does not have an anger issue. Furthermore, he has indicated that he has never put his children in danger, so he should not be penalized in a custody arrangement.

The man’s wife also had to fend off allegations, confessing that she formerly used illegal drugs in the past, but no longer does so.

The man’s attorney recently filed a motion in court, protesting the notion that the man’s supervised visitation rights have been suspended. Meanwhile, Bagwell has had access to the woman’s children. The case has become more complicated by the fact that Bagwell’s history has also been brought into the case.

The divorce continues to drag on, and not unlike many other Texas divorces, has raised complications and emotions for all parties involved. As couples approach divorce, they should do their best to remain civil with each other, since divorce will not change the fact that they are parents. By agreeing to make a custody agreement that truly accounts for the child’s interests, everyone can adjust to the changing dynamics of their family.

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