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Divorce? There could be an app for that

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2013 | Divorce

Today’s technology is generally designed with one focus: to make our lives easier. Many Texans pay their bills, shop, look up movie times and surf the Internet all on their smartphones. Will there ever be a time where technology becomes so advanced, that spouses can settle a divorce from the comfort of their own home? Perhaps not, but one tech developer is working on a Web application that aims to make divorce easier and convenient.

The app is dubbed Wevorce and it helps walk divorcing spouses through the process. With this technology, divorcing spouses might be able to side step a messy divorce that spills out into a family courtroom.

The app user simply selects from one of 18 “archetypes” that best describe their marital scenario. From there, the app walks spouses step-by-step through financial and legal aspects of divorce, and even addresses the myriad of emotions that spouses are likely feeling throughout the divorce.

Around 100 families have tested out the technology, and none of them have gone on to experience an especially contentious divorce. Through the app, couples have been able to keep a somewhat level head, which can only bring about positive results.

One of the co-founders of the app recognized divorce as the second most stressful event that a person could experience in life. Because of that, her and her partner decided to develop a valuable resource for divorcing spouses to help ease the transition.

The co-founder also admitted that couples who cannot seem to come to an amicable split are encouraged to rely on the family court system to resolve their issues. The app is more geared toward those who are willing to work together.

While this and other resources are certainly valuable to divorcing spouses, they still must seek legal counsel to ensure they are not making any costly mistakes during the divorce process.

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