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Some things to consider when getting a divorce

On Behalf of | May 16, 2013 | Divorce

While the divorce rate is around 33 percent lower than it was at its height in 1981, there still is a very good possibility of a marriage ending in divorce. One statistical analysis reveals that a majority, 53 percent, of all married smokers wind up getting divorced, although what tobacco and smoking has to do with it no one seems able to say. Subsequent marriages also seem to have a heightened possibility of ending in divorce, with a full 73 percent of all third marriages culminating in divorce court.

Another fascinating statistic is that one marriage in the U.S., on average, ends every 13 seconds. The amount of child support and spousal support granted in divorces varies greatly by state, as well as varying greatly in individual circumstances, underlining the importance of retaining experienced legal counsel early in the process. In Texas, and a number of other states, there are community property laws that will have an impact on the division of marital assets. Contrary to folk wisdom, however, it is not all cut and dried and there are some intricacies and exceptions to the law that few but an experienced lawyer could sort out and use to maximum advantage.

Those who marry young the first time, between the ages of 20 and 24, have a divorce rate ranging from 36.6 percent for young brides to 38.8 percent for young grooms. When contemplating a second or third marriage, it may be wise to seek legal advice before the vows are spoken, and to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up that will protect separate property and other assets in the event of a split-up. This may be especially important when there are children from an earlier marriage, or in marriages where one spouse has already amassed a relatively substantial amount of property.

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