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Documentary examines difficult problems in family law

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2013 | Family Law

A new documentary being released entitled “Romeo Misses A Payment” takes a close look at some of the problems faced by non-custodial parents caught up in the court system over difficulties concerning child support and related issues. The filmmaker, who is also a father, took his camera to a variety of locations to conduct interviews with parents facing difficult problems with family law, including parents involved in court cases in Dallas, Texas.

The documentary includes fascinating interviews with judges, lawyers, parents and other legal officials about issues arising in court proceedings, those concerning child custody and support in particular. The film has been in the works since 2006 and is intended, in part, to show things from the perspective of non-custodial parents. This perspective is one the filmmaker thought had not been adequately presented. Dallas was selected as a city to be featured because, at the time the film was made, it was incarcerating non-custodial parents at one of the highest rates in the country when they failed to pay court ordered child support.

The filmmaker, Angelo Lobo, hopes that the film will help produce dialogue on how things can be improved in family law and hopefully better serve the needs of all concerned. This includes determining what will serve the best interests of the children who grow up in this country, and how to create better homes for them. Texas children, following divorce, still need the love and support of both parents, not just economically, but in every way, including emotionally and from the perspective of involvement in their daily lives.

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