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Draft a prenup before walking down the aisle in Austin, Texas

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2014 | Prenuptial Agreements

When people are in love, they rarely think of drafting a prenuptial agreement. There is this sense that it is like saying that your love might not be real, that it might not last. Asking your prospective spouse if he or she wants to sign a prenup may get you an angry glare or worse. After all, this is hardly a romantic gesture at what is supposed to be the happiest time in your life.

A prenup is a legally-binding contract that basically states what the terms of your divorce are going to be if you get one. For example, if a woman who has a lot of her own wealth is marrying a man who does not have much or any of his own, she may want him to sign one that says that she gets to keep her money in the divorce. This way, when the divorce comes, he cannot claim that half of that money should be rightfully his. This is sometimes done to keep people from marrying for money, though this is not something that is often spoken aloud.

The thing is, people know what a prenup is for: a divorce. Asking for one before you get married is like saying that you think the divorce is coming, that you think that the marriage is going to fail before it has even started.

What you need to remember about prenuptial agreements is that most people who get married in Austin, Texas, when they are young do not think that they are going to get divorced. If asked about it, they would laugh it off and say that it was not going to happen to them. However, the divorce rate is around 50 percent, which indicates that a lot of these people do end their marriages. Why not be ready for what might happen, hoping that you never need to use the prenup?

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