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Texas woman wants to divorce ex-football star after 2 weeks

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2014 | Divorce

Around two weeks ago, football fans shared the happy news that former National Football League star player Terrell Owens, who previously had experienced substantial financial difficulty, had gotten married for the first time to a former postal worker from Texas. But shortly thereafter, they were shocked to learn that the 33-year-old woman had already decided that she had enough and wanted out. She’s seeking a divorce. The wedding had been a secret ceremony, known only after the fact.

The pending divorce, in contrast, was featured in the media, with the recent bride charging that her new husband had apparently only married her for the purpose of taking advantage of her good credit. She alleges he wanted to attempt to get financing for a $2 million house. The father of four children from previous relationships has apparently squandered a fortune estimated to have been about $80 million, engaging in wild spending sprees that culminated in his personal bankruptcy. In addition, he has dealt with foreclosure, and there are allegations that he has fallen behind in his child support obligations. His financial irresponsibility had also left failed financial investments in its wake.

His new wife moved out of their home, and told the media in no uncertain terms that while she had been strongly in love with him during their previously unrevealed five year relationship, she now felt heartbroken and betrayed. News reports did not indicate what property division issues might be involved in the proceeding.

While ending a marriage so soon after a wedding ceremony may be somewhat unusual, it may well be preferable to seek a divorce as soon as it becomes crystal clear to one or both spouses that the marriage is simply not working out. That will ultimately result in more happiness in life, possibly for both spouses, than stubbornly staying in a failed relationship with unrealistic notions of somehow making it work.

Experienced divorced attorneys have encountered a variety of situations and can guide an estranged spouse through the legal, financial and practical steps of ending a marriage, whether its duration has been two weeks or two or more decades.

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